Love American Style — Pay For It


I have been lucky in love, so to speak, over the years.  Some how I avoided ever havinga long-term relationship with a clingy woman. You know the kind I’m talking about, “What are you getting me for …?” Case in point, Laura and I have been happily married for nearly 25 years and I have purchased one Valentine’s Day gift for her.  That’s right, one.  Just a few years back I came across a beautiful […] Read more »

Love it Live

Petty cover

Remember as a kid running off to the safety of your room to play your favorite albums all night long?  You would quickly latch the door to impede any unwanted visitors before placing your favorite vinyl onto the old trusty turntable. Grabbing a broom to serve as your make-believe stratocaster you instantly became your favorite rock star standing on a lighted stage in  front of thousands of adoring fans. And when it was a ‘Live’ […] Read more »

Share The Covers


It is my contention that the best cover songs are those that have been reworked to present the cover artist’s style while maintaining the integrity of the original. In our lives, we have listened to hundreds, maybe thousands of such pieces of work. Some are obvious covers of hit songs delivered in unique fashion by an admiring artist. Some are so popular, they are believed to BE the original. You have shared some of your favorite cover […] Read more »

The Original King Of Late Night Gets Call From The Hall


I don’t like to get caught up in the ongoing, and seemingly endless, debate over the the Rock ‘N’ Roll Hall of Fame. Who gets in and who doesn’t isn’t up to me, nor would I want to to be. Music is a reflection of life. It comes in all shapes, sizes and colors and there’s room for everyone. I do still follow along each year to see who the recent recipients are and which […] Read more »

What’s on My Mind


Lately I have been thinking a lot about the plight of our country. I feel very privileged to be an American and believe that this is the greatest country in the world. Sure we have our issues, but sometimes things need to “get tough” so that we realize when things are great. I truly wish that all citizens could enjoy health, happiness and prosperity. Yes, I know it sounds so cliche, but it really is […] Read more »

Thanks For The Memories, Mr. Scruggs


It’s amazing how a memory, undoubtedly tucked away in the deepest corner of your mind, can be catapulted back into the light of day by the simpilist of news. When I learned bluegrass music legend Earl Scruggs had passed away Wednesday in Nashville at the age of 88, I quickly drifted back to my youth.  I was by no means Mr. Scruggs biggest fan, but I absolutely appreciate his expertise on the banjo and his major contribution to […] Read more »

My Bracket Is Bleeding


  Every year in March, I catch basketball fever, for which there is no cure. Yes, my eyes widen with excitement, my talk turns to smack, my teams are picked and the evidence is written down on paper.  I enter the office pool, one of two women to partake, in hopes of proving the “male experts” to be the weaker sex. It is usual that I win these tournament games in some fashion. I have […] Read more »

The Only Thing Constant Is…


Last week was certainly a time of monumental change in my life. The change came not by my own hands, but vicariously through people who play a daily role in the theatrical presentation of my life. Peyton Manning was released from the Indianapolis Colts last Wednesday. I have hosted football Sunday parties for 23 years and until 1998 when Peyton joined the team, there was always a feeling of doom in the room. Yes, the […] Read more »

Get Out Of Your Way


I was approached by a friend the other day who wanted help deciding on a life opportunity. My friend, 38, is considering leaving a stable job that she has been crafting for 18 years to pursue her passion of writing. She wants to devote her life, full-time, to becoming an author. She said she just couldn’t take the robotic interpretation her professional life had become and although very lucrative, didn’t want to stifle her passion […] Read more »

Best Supporting Music


Watching the Academy Awards last night, I thought about all the movies that contain music completely in touch with the presented plot and feel of the story. Sometimes, we take this music for granted, never knowing that the tears about to fall were inspired by the subliminal musical backdrop. I have chosen a few songs that completely remind me of the movie accompaniment. There are many more to consider, but let’s start by enjoying these. […] Read more »