Gin Wigmore

 When I first heard Gin Wigmore’s music, I wanted to find out more.  After reading what she wrote about herself, I was convinced that her personality matches her music. She seems independent, strong, creative and fascinating. Here is what Gin says about herself.

‘About Me? Well, my full name is Virginia Claire Wigmore, shortened years back to Ginny, then with a little more innocence lost, it got dwindled down to an even tidier nickname, “Gin.” I guess my ma & pa were always big fans of a few cheeky G&Ts on a regular occasion, so it seemed a winning fit for all.
The music? It all started rattling out of me around 12; can’t say it was all that great, but it seemed to pull a slightly misfit and unclean crowd of around ten folks on a Wednesday night from 8-9pm, so I guess it had some sort of legs. And those legs luckily grew a little bigger, landing me on the mean streets of Sydney after a few rocky and somewhat sinister detours through the west coast of New Zealand baking one too many lemon meringue pies and to the badlands of the party party Gold Coast. Ending up with my feet firmly and sensibly held in Sydney, I managed to write a short & sweet E.P., titled quite simply, Extended Play, purely because I wasn’t the savviest kid in the music club and never actually knew what “E.P.” stood for, so I thought I better clear that up for the other rookie vocab musicians alike.’

Discover Gin Wigmore’s music, beginning with a song called, “Black Sheep” from, ‘Gravel and Wine.’

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