The LSD Show 8 – Puppy Debate, Jason Aaron Coons, ‘The Campaign’

LSD-SHOW-SHAGADELICThe LSD Show is back in Lauramerica studios after a brief stint on the road. Laura and Sean Duncan move their son into his apartment at Notre Dame, Laura talks with local artist, Jason Aaron Coons about his debut album, The Numbers and shares a free download of his first single, ‘Best Friend‘. Also, Laura needs your help convincing Sean to add a family member to the Duncan roster.


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Laura talked with local artist, Jason Aaron Coons about everything from his earliest passion for music and his musical family roots to his daydreams and release of his debut album, ‘The Numbers’.


Jason Aaron Coons‘ debut album, ‘The Numbers’, is complete and will be released this Friday night, August 24,  in tandem with a live performance at the Earth House Collective in Indianapolis. Enjoy this free download of his first single, “Best Friend”.


Check out the accompanying video for, “Best Friend”, created by Owen Thomas.


Sean went, WITHOUT LAURA, to see The Campaign featuring Will Ferrell.  He said it was “pretty good” (a man of many words)



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