What’s That Song On That Commercial?

As long as I can remember, there has been a struggle between musicians and advertisers about using songs in commercials. Some artists feel that their music was intended and written with true experience or intent other than product placement. They have noted that using one of their “children” to hock products would be a reflection on their integrity. It is not my place to confirm or deny those notions, I did not create the art, I just have the pleasure of enjoying it. Songs have been used in commercials for years, but lately, emerging artists are being noticed by the mainstream audience due to their commercial contributions. No matter what anyone tells you about entertainers not caring about being noticed by the mass audience, they DO care. Maybe it is not their intention when entering into the world of art through musical expression, but to be enjoyed and appreciated by many is the point of it all. Today’s playlist features some songs you may have heard lately, joined hand in hand with product hocking. I don’t believe you will hear the song and only consider it as the background noise to an advertisement. Maybe, just maybe, you will discover the true meaning behind the songs and introduce yourself to a whole new world of musical expression. I have included the tandem product name next to the title of the song, just for reference sake. Does the song sell the commercial, or does the commercial sell the song? 


Playlist–What’s That Song On That Commercial? (Listen)

James Brown-“Superbad Superslick” Part 1 Gatorade

Family of the Year-“Chugjug” Advil

Derby-“If There’s A Reason” Ford

Foster the People-“Don’t Stop (Color on the Walls)” Nissan

Boo Boo Davis-“I’m So Tired”  5-Hour Energy Drink

Edward Sharpe & The Magnetic Zeros-“Home”  NFL.Com

RUN-DMC-“It’s Like That”  Corona Light

Sleigh Bells-“Riot Rythm” Honda

Born Ruffians-“Little Garcon” American Express

The Little Ones-“Rise and Shine” Pringles

Barry Louis Polisar-“All I Want Is You” Honda

Sean Hayes-“Powerful Stuff” Subaru


John Hiatt lends his talents, as well.

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